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After many years of hands on working experience and superintendent / project management experience in every phase of many projects, Finney Construction, Inc. was established in 1993 by Doug Finney.  We currently hold a Class B General Contractors License. 

From the outset, it has been a priority of Finney Construction, Inc. to provide a premier General Contracting service by being personally attentive, thoroughly responsible and highly proficient throughout the entire construction process to assure complete Owner satisfaction. Our underlying philosophy at Finney Construction, Inc. is very simple; do it right, do it once. We accomplish this through precision planning, exceptional communication, strategic execution of the schedule and teamwork. We strive to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the architectural plans and desires of each client, enabling us to foresee and eliminate as many gray areas as possible before they have a chance to impede progress. We hire only skilled tradesman whose business principals, work ethic and work performance are in line with the standards and goals we set for each project to assure that a quality product is delivered in a timely manner. As a professional builder, we understand that one of our primary roles is to continually act as your advocate; to assist you in making informed decisions and to act on your behalf and in your best interest at all times. This is our privilege; to see to it that the experience you have with us provides you the comfort, confidence and security that you deserve as we partner with you to see your dreams come to fruition.

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